Privacy Policy

Who we are

if you don’t know already you don’t need to know


If you comment on any post you waive all privacy rights and will receive 3 tasks to perform or we will remortgage your house at an alarming and unreasonable interest rate.


Send pics of your pets, it helps lighten the unbearable mental load suffered by our employees.


7/8ths of our staff are diabetic so for the love of god don’t send cookies or the office will be burnt to the ground.

Who we share your data with

We will share everything with everyone but your parents will get an itemised version of your weird search history about the cookie monsters feet pics. That’s right Kevin I’m looking at you, the whole office knows and you have a problem. Keep that stuff at home.

How long we retain your data

Till the age of man is over and the age of the orc begins

What rights you have over your data

Don’t imagine for a second we won’t take out as many loans in your name as we can